New hardware can go a long way toward making even the most ordinary doors look special. Choosing new door hardware can be a challenge for some homeowners. With so many choices. How does one decide? Well here are a few suggestions from some pros.

  • Door knobs are the touchpoint when you enter a home or enter another room. The door handle can become a beautiful piece of art in the home.
  • Before buying anything take a few key measurements. For hardware being installed on an existing door, the existing holes will dictate many of the specifications.
  • You can mix it up with the doorknobs. You can choose between knobs and levers. The trend is more toward levers right now.
  • Find the finish that works for you. Some specialty door handles are made of crystal, porcelain, or wood, but the majority are metal. To choose the ideal finish, consider the other metal fixtures in your home, as well as the home’s overall style.
  • If you’re concerned about your door handles changing with use, there are options. You can choose lacquered brass, polish chrome, satin nickel, and solid black.

Whatever you decide, it’s worth taking the time to choose carefully. Hardware is super important to the overall look of your home. Beautiful, well designed, well-detailed hardware changes everything.

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