Each of your clothing items needs the right hanger to suit it’s form. But with tons of options to choose from, which hanger types should you use?

Let’s start with shirts. Thick wooden hangers are generally best here. They help maintain the shape of the collar and let the shirt fabric hang naturally without wrinkling, just as when you wear it. Wood hangers with a crossbar are also ideal for most pants because they are sturdy and can support even heavier pants. For your skirts, you should always use hangers with skirts to minimize wrinkles.

Hanging suits can be more complicated. Wooden hangers also work well for suit jackets, but they must have fully-contoured shoulders in the shape of your coat. The shoulders also cannot be thin, as this may put pressure on a specific area of the suit jacket and cause stretching. Some hangers are made specifically with these features for suits, including a felted bar for suit trousers.

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