We all get annoyed when you are having a peaceful sleep and wake up to a buzzing in our ear. And don’t forget those little pests you have to shoo as they fly around your food! Instead of just finding a solution when this happens, go one step further by preventing these pests from entering your home in the first place.

To prevent bugs sneaking into your home you are going to need to change a few things. First, you are going to need to make sure that all those little crumbs and spills in the kitchen and on the floors are cleaned up without delay. As much as you’d prefer to clean it up later, not doing so quickly is asking for bugs. Another tip is to store all your food in sealed containers, so no bugs can find their way into your food. Much like cleaning immediately, if you find small bugs in your home, try taking out your garbage more regularly. The bugs could be caused by not taking out the trash often enough, even if your nose can’t smell it. You could also try getting yourself a spray that contains a very potent scent like lemon or basil and spray it around your home once a day to deter the bugs from coming in.

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