Dust and fingerprints can distract and distort from the otherwise beautiful television display that you invested in. Many people reach for a chemical cleaning solution for glass and other surfaces to resolve this, but doing so can actually damage the expensive glossy surface.

To properly and safely clean your TV screen, you’ll need a microfiber cloth and an alcohol wipe designed for electronics. Begin by using the dry microfiber cloth to wipe the dust off of the display without applying pressure. Make sure to wipe off as much dust as possible before the next step.

If any smudges remain once the dust has been wiped off, this is the time to use the alcohol wipe. Press gently and rub in small motions on the smudges to remove them, then wait for the spot to dry before wiping with your cloth again. Finally, once the display is completely dust and smudge free, you can use the dusty microfibre cloth to wipe the edges and corners of the display to keep the screen from gather dust for longer.

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